White House by Raimondo Guidacci

Designed by Italian architect Raimondo Guidacci, this small rectangular compact white house is implanted on a large lush green lot — comparing with the residence. If the configuration plan appears to be simple — rectangular, this single house, located in Orsara di Puglia, Italy, is excavated, squared with cut-out sections generating openings with different sizes and usage, and with a flat roofline partly cut out for the terrace on upper level. This home is the result of a close collaboration between the architect and his client.
White House, Orsara di Puglia, Italy, © Raimondo Guidacci. Photography © Beppe Giardino

The house is implanted on a white foundation but as some parts have been squared, the foundation can be seen from outside. It serves as terrace and delimitation between white house and green lot allowing circulation around the residence. A beautiful articulation of inside and outside is created from this arrangement.
© Raimondo Guidacci. Photography © Beppe Giardino

This 100-square-meter compact residence is minimalist and sweet, minimalist but slightly complex in square shape. It measures 10 meters on each side.
© Raimondo Guidacci, Photography © Beppe Giardino

Some pieces are equipped with small open-air terraces and balconies providing spectacular views. Depending on the size and form of the cut-out sections, terraces and balconies have various sizes — horizontally or vertically rectangular in form.
Section © Raimondo Guidacci

Openings have various sized; Most of them, in particular in the ground floor, are large sliding windows and sliding-glass doors. The upper floor, where bedrooms and bathroom are located, contains sliding windows but with small size. It is more enclosed and compact comparing with the ground floor. A staircase unites all the levels.
Basement Plan © Raimondo Guidacci
First-floor Plan © Raimondo Guidacci
Ground-floor plan © Raimondo Guidacci
> The ground floor can be accessible
by an external staircase. Some walls have been squared to generate terrace.
This floor is less compact that the upper floor. It is connected to the other
floors by a staircase.

The residence contains a basement serving as garage, cellar, and deposit.
© Raimondo Guidacci. Photography © Beppe Giordano
> The contrast between the white house and the lush green lot.

Despite of the color of its facade as well as its geometric shape, the house is in harmony with the highly articulated surrounding houses.
© Raimondo Guidacci. Photography © Beppe Giordino
> The residence is linked to the street by a pedestrian ramp
on a tall base faced with local stone
© Raimondo Guidacci. Photography © Beppe Giordino

The delimitation of the lot is made out of a simple external facade — fence in steel and walls in concrete. A pedestrian ramp on a tall base faced with local stone gives access to the house. A loggia precedes the entrance to the home. The ground floor can be accessed by an external staircase.
Sketch © Raimondo Guidacci

Who is he?
Raimondo Guidacci was born in Foggia in 1968. He was graduated in architecture in 1995 at IUAV Venice. Meanwhile he got a degree in music from the Benedetto Marcello conservatory in Venice.
In 1996 he opened a professional practice at Orsara di Puglia and in 1998 in Turin. From 1995 to 2005 he collaborated with Emanuele Levi Montalcini in architectural design courses at the faculty of architecture at the Politecnico di Torino, being also the assistant of Guido Martinero from 1996 to 1999.
Many of his projects have been published in architecture magazines and selected for awards, exhibitions and reviews. His professional practice is divided between Puglia, his home, and Piemonte, where he actually lives.

Building Facts
Project: White House
Program: Private residence
Architect: Raimondo Guidacci
Location: Orsara di Puglia, Foggia, Italy
Client: Alfredo Guidacci
Surface area: 100 sqm
Construction period: 2005-2010
Photographs: Beppe Giordino

Source: archdaily

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