Bjarke Ingels' lecture "Unsolicited Architecture"

I discovered Bjarke Ingels video that the architect Rory Hyde, one of my favorite bloggers, has posted in his blog. Last week Bjarke Ingels gave a presentation entitled "Unsolicited Architecture" in New York. This presentation is a part of a Moonlighter Present, a lecture series coordinated by Stephanie DeGooyer and Benjamin Salance. I warmly recommend to check Rory Hyde's blog for his interesting viewpoint on "unsolicited architecture" and you will find an interview he did with Bjarke Ingels for a radio in Melbourne back in 2008.

bjarke ingels from Logan Mackay on Vimeo.

Bjarke Ingels' "Unsolicited Architecture" lecture originally appeared on Rory Hyde Projects/Blog.

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