News: JDS, François Leclercq and KLAR Selected for Caen refurbishment

Julien de Smedt Architects announces in its blog that the agency, François Leclercq and KLAR have been selected to work on the 300-hectare industrial port of Caen, France.
I have already announced the selection of MVRDV and the French architect Djamel Klouche (AUC) in collaboration with Danish agency SLETH. I had no information of the third team composed of the French architect and urban planner François Leclercq.
This third team is composed of JDSFrançois Leclercq and KLAR. In a previous post I had not the composition of the three teams. Now that I have more information, I can add these precision expected concerning the team.
Caen Refurbishment. Originally appeared on jds blog.

The urban renewal of the Presqu'île de Caen (Caen Peninsula) is part of a vision of the future of the capital of Basse-Normandie in the French Department Calvados, and the Grand Paris. Caen envision to have a role in this project of Paris/Île-de-France urban development. These teams will operate in a 300ha site located between the city centre and the sea. Therefore it is occupied by industrial structures among which some industrial monuments. The project put the light in a new way of "making" city, precisely a new vision of mobility, and creation of conditions of collective use in terms of district heating, according to Habitat Durable, a French blog.

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