Landscape Urbanim: call for words

Landscape Urbanism is looking for essays, thoughts, ideas + innovative approaches to landscape urbanism. LU is looking for unique approaches to defining, understanding, communicating, and practicing landscape urbanism.

Clarity of writing and communication are imperative. If you had to explain landscape architecture or landscape urbanism to the public, how would you describe it? Why does it matter? Why do designers do what they do? Why is landscape urbanism increasingly relevant and important? How will you be involved in changing the paradigms of design?

Shorts: essays must be short, timely, evocative thoughts on the status of landscape urbanism, events happening around the world, and new projects or ideas. 500-750 words.
Features: The feature-length essays must be 1000-2500 words and deal with in-depth philosophies, questions and discussions.
Coverage: cover features news stories and articles around the web and in print relating to landscape urbanism. To apply for the position, you must submit (3) sample coverage articles, with links, your spin (no more than 250 words), and a resume.

All submissions will be notified within 2-3 weeks regarding their status and anticipated publication date.

Deadline for Launch Issue: April 2, 2011

More information here.

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