News: Foster & Partners selected to design masterplan for West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

Foster + Partners has been selected to design the master plan of West Kowloon Cultural District Hong Kong.
West Kowloon Cultural District Master Plan, Hong Kong, © Foster + Partners

The following lines is a presentation of the firm's master plan design:

This 40-hectare masterplan is announced to be a major cultural center for music, performing and visual arts, incorporating public spaces and spaces for Chinese culture, living, working, galleries and studios on a dramatic harbor-front site in the heart of Hong Kong. The project is considered to be the largest cultural initiative in the world today.
The proposal sets the cultural buildings as the jewels in a new urban quarter alongside a magnificent 23-hectare public park. Foster + Partners brings its understanding of urban design and knowledge of Hong Kong to a carbon neutral master plan: that captures the unique character that markets it such a great city.
Lord Foster, Chairman and Founder of Foster + Partners:
"This is fantastic news. I have travelling to Hong Kong for more than 32 years, since the HongKong Bank first brought us here. This project offers an extraordinary opportunity — it is unprecedented in its scale, scope and vision. City Park will be the catalyst to transform the city locally, and regionally, as well as on the world stage. Our design is rooted in Hong Kong's urban DNA, the distinctive character that makes it such a dynamic city. There really is no other project like it!"

© Foster + Partners
© Foster + Partners
© Foster + Partners
More information about this master plan will come soon.
I invite the reader to check WKCDA's press release.

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