A Place to Catch (Sea) Breeze by BLOXAS in collaboration with Chian Quah

BLOXAS in collaboration with Chian Quah unveiled its entry for the 2011 Brisbane Idea Competition.
These two adaptive towers are conceived as landscaped towers and are optimized to respond to their environment. Adaptive architecture defines an architecture capable of adapting to specific environmental inputs integrating responsive materials that participate to the interaction with the building's surroundings. The key element to BLOXAS' proposal is the climactic condition and placement of the City of Brisbane. Located approximately 21kms inland from the nearest coastal edge, City of Brisbane s starved of any significant reprievable, or recurrent, sea breeze, on the one hand, and sub tropical summer humidity, on the other hand.
A Place to catch (SEA) Breeze, Brisbane, © BLOXAS
Coastal Distance Diagram © BLOXAS

These sculptured and parametrically modelled towers' height depends on the topographical site and Brisbane's climate constraints.
Close-up Summer Diagram, © BLOXAS
Exploration © BLOXAS

For instance, in summer, the pooled water runs through a conduit of intricate vertical pipework, and is dispersed through hundreds of heads, akin to miniature sprinklers.
Elevation © BLOXAS
Exploration © BLOXAS

The design logic of these towers creates complex, with surface treatments including mesh, corrugated and dimpled metals, timber/moss, the density of concrete, and ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene). Each material appears to have its own function and logic.
Technical section, © BLOXAS
Exploration © BLOXAS

The aim of these contrasting materials is to produce moisture that is then collected internally and retained in intermediate guttering systems.
Sectional Diagram © BLOXAS
Exploration © BLOXAS

The concrete structure allows for the absorption the suns rays, dimpled metals undulating. The collection of water makes the mesh/netting shimmers that can be seen far from the towers' site.
Material diagrams © BLOXAS

The diagrams show the possibility of integrating of planting trees on public platforms, and optimum wind turbulence level. In addition, the parametric setup of this computational process incorporates the constraints of manufacturing and construction.

Who is he?
BLOXAS was founded by Anthony Clarke in 2009 and is an exploration into the fundamentals of multi-disciplinary design. Various methods of visual communication are explored, including model making, hand sketching, and computer generation. These methods of investigation bind the design and development process, resulting in the delivery of innovative and investigative architecture on varying scales for varying outcomes.
BLOXAS is based on culture and public expression, drawing upon extensive experience within Australia and overseas.
Architecture is more than just built form. It is more than just an object in the landscape. Architecture is an expression of feelings, emotions and sensory experiences discovered through human involvement and interaction.
BLOXAS endeavours to create sculptural, landscape inspired architecture.

Source: BLOXAS

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