NBBJ designing health complex for Sharjah, UAE

The Columbus, Ohio office of international design agency NBBJ announced in February to design health complex for Sharjah, one of the smaller emirates in the UAE.
Hospital in Sharjah, UAE, © NBBJ
> NBBJ's private hospital development in Sharjah will also
contain a spa, hotel and retail mall.

The 100,000 square-meter Mubarak Al Hassawi Medical Complex is the first part of the ruler of Sharjah's masterplan for Sharjah Health City and is being created in partnership with the Al Hassawi family from Kuwait.

Due to open in 2013, it will provide cardiac, oncology, orthopaedic, rehabilitation and women's and children's services, arranged off a landscaped entrance and circulation concourse.

The design addresses the emirate's extreme climate by using passive measures such as orientation, shading and courtyard garden design as well as air-conditioning. The green roofs have the secondary benefit of being available for recreation and therapies.

source: bdonline

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