New Geographies, a journal of design, agency, territory issues 3 and 4 launching at AA School

AA School will host the launch event of New Geographies, a journal of design, agency, territory, March, the 23th, 2011.
New Geographies issue 3: Urbanisms of Color, an issue edited by Gareth Doherty, and New Geographies 4: Scales of the Earth, edited by El Hadi Jazairy, will be presented this day.

What is New Geographies?
New Geographies is a journal of design, agency, territory, founded and produced by doctoral candidates at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. New Geographies aims to examine the emergence of the geographic, a new but for the most part latent paradigm in design today — to articulate it and bring it to bear effectively on the social role of design. Through critical essays and design projects, New Geographies seeks to position design's agency amid concerns of scale, infrastructure, ecology, and globalisation, with the 'geographic' condition reflecting a desire for a synthetic scalar practice that links attributes understood to be either separate from each other or external to the design disciplines, opening through tat a range of technical, formal and social repertoires for architecture.

For detailed information on the event hour click here.

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