News: bracket just posted its second issue's selections…

Bracket has just posted its second issues' selections. This issues entitles Goes Soft. Of course I have some favourites. Just check out and do your own ideas of these interesting and intriguing projects.

I remind that Bracket's second part Goes Soft explores the notion of 'soft' systems that had considerable impact on the design disciplines in the 1960s and 70s. In management, 'Soft Systems Methodology' was developed to address complex situations with divergent readings and stakeholders. The ability to deal with imprecision and uncertainty, with the aim of achieving more malleable, robust selections is at the core of 'Soft Computing'. Bridging disciplines, Nicholas Negroponte, in Soft Architecture Machines (1970), proposed a responsive built environment, wherein the computer acts as a tool for creativity and design, repositioning the role of the architect…
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