Providence Pedestrian bridge by inForm

inForm was recently awarded for the Providence river pedestrian bridge.
Providence River Pedestrian Bridge, © inForm

This bridge acts much more as a landmark than a means of passage. The boardwalk will be combined with sculptures, gardens, busker terraces, a sun deck, outdoor seating and a built in café.
Programming © inForm

The bridge will preserve and incorporate existing and planned green space along the river as well as with the existing riverwalk, including the perennial WaterFire events held along the Providence River as well as other activities such as on shore fishing activities, local street vendors, buskers, and street entertainment.
Context Plan © inForm

Another function will be to link the Fox Point and College Hill areas with downtown Providence and the Knowledge District, areas Providence with the aim of vitalizing with the Pedestrian Bridge.
Lower Level Plan © inForm
Site Plan © inForm
Elevation © inForm

The structural system of this bridge will be mainly made out of steel and timber.
Transverse Section © inForm
Key structural features © inForm
Preliminary Structural Analysis © inForm
© inForm

The bridge is due to be completed in 2013.

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