Eyal Weizman: Forensic Architecture: Only the Criminal can solve the Crime

This post is the occasion to share a lecture of one of the most interesting architects and theorists: Eyal Weizman, also Professor at Goldmiths University. This lecture is part of a conference Architecture and its Pasts, Symposium 2 of 3 which was organized and hosted by Architectural Association School on May 2010. I have got the link thanks to Pedro from La Periferia who tweeted several minutes ago.

The focus of the symposium is on the teaching of architectural history within architectural trainings. It is frequently admitted that architectural students do not find their history programmes useful or interesting. Why is this? The conference will address this question and consider how problems within architectural history might be productively changed by a different approach to the architectural past.
The AA has sought to reformulate its syllabus of to reformulate its syllabus of how the issues of the past is dealt with in architectural terms. The symposium will consider ways in which the issue of the architectural past can be fashioned into a productive element in the training of an architect.

With the participation of, Eyal Weizman aside, Reinhold Martin (Columbia University), Brian Hatton (AA and John Moores University), Adrian Forty (Bartlett, UCL), Irene Sunwoo (Princeton University), Mark Campbell (AA), Jeff Kipnis (Ohio State University), Marc Cousins (AA).
Click here to watch the video.

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