Neo-Tax 3-D City Grid by Studio DMTW for the eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition

German Marc Anton Dahmen, Rene Lierschaft, and Anna-Maria Wiedekind of Studio DMTW explore concepts of communications, sociality and interaction. Their proposal for the eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition consists of a three-dimensional infrastructure network organized in a horizontal and vertical street grid.
Neo-Trax, © Studio DMTW

This strategy provides not only a short connection paths and higher urban density with better local communications, but also an interaction between neighbors. Each module can be viewed as a separate quarter or neighborhood. This modular system can be expanded by adding new infrastructure modules with plug-in residences which particularity is to be less dependent on specific terrain conditions.
© Studio DMTW

Neo-Tax avoids negative impacts that skyscrapers generate such as wasted area, interference with surface-related bio-ecological processes, long connection paths and dead ends.
The hyper-rectangle allows for an occupation of the building site on X, Y and Z coordinates.
© Studio DMTW

Studio DMTW receives the Honorable Mention for this networked high-rise building.

Who are they?
Studio DMTW — Office for contemporary architecture, urban planning and research is founded in 2010 by Marc Anton Dahmen, Ulrich Merres, Hermann Tilke and Peter Wahl.

source: evolo

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